The Mo

Sheringham Museum

Proof of Concept

Fly Through Video – Designed to show enough of what’s available to see without leaving people feeling like they have seen everything. £300

Interactive 3D Scans

Using photogrammetry I can build and display 3d models of the building and individual displays that can be embedded on the website or on touchscreen displays within the museum.

From £75 -£400 depending on the model

Scannable QR Codes


QR codes are a great way to direct visitors to desired web pages directly from the camera on their phone or tablet. One use of this would be to get visitors to scan a QR code that would take them to a newsletter sign-up page or to a secure online donation page.

Another use would be to direct visitors to specific pages that contain a video explaining the exhibitions. To demonstrate this I have embedded a QR in this mockup poster. You can scan the QR code and be taken to a page specifically for the Michael Harvey’s Gansey Knitting Collection Video.

The QR codes can be added to posters, stickers or anything printable. We can set them up with tracking codes so we can see how often each one is used.

The initial set up, I suspect would come to approx £350-£400 depending on how many you want to set up and outley/printing costs etc but additional items would be much cheaper at approx £35-£50

A showcase of traditional knitwear. Join us on 15022024 at 10.30am at The Studio - The Studio Sheringham